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Keste Email Campaign

I was responsible for the end-to-end copywriting, creative, and development of a lead generation campaign focused on prospects interested in database management and storage services.

The call to action was a client-provided eBook describing the features of Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

The Issues
The client, Keste, received Market Development Funds (MDFs) from their supplier, Oracle, to support a lead generation campaign. Oracle wanted themselves to be the primary focus, and Keste the secondary focus. Also the email was sent to users that had not personally signed up or “opted-in” to receive their email communications.

The Project Details
To quickly grab the attention of the prospects, the copy was written to be direct and to the point. The landing page included an infographic that showed Oracle beats their competitors on price. The imagery showed the CTA and in the background a happy, modern businessman. I inserted a google maps section via javascript to emphasize Keste as a local Portland, OR business to both landing and confirmation pages.

Creative assets included an HTML 4.0 email, mobile responsive landing, and confirmation pages. Filling out the registration form brought prospects to a confirmation page with the downloadable PDF case study. I also added a link to a bonus article reviewing the Oracle Storage Cloud Service by a well known author and speaker in IT infrastructure technologies.

The HTML was coded to guarantee optimal delivery to an inbox; compatible with Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail email clients. The email was blasted via Silverpop to a targeted purchased list focused on the Pacific Northwest.

I was privileged to work with an outstanding team: Our Marketing Director lead the charge and handled client communication, Marketing Manager kept us on track, Web Developer focused on a custom URL and network issues, and email marketing manager handled the email blast and reporting.

Content development, visual design and development.
Keste, a partner of Oracle
HTML 4.0 email, responsive landing, and confirmation pages