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This re-design was focused on improving the user’s experience. Simplification was essential. I created a more effective organizational structure and simplified navigation. Their content now answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” and the calls to action tell them what to do next. Their visitors now stay on the site longer.

The Issues
Their site was not responsive. In the previous website users viewing information on one service had to go back to the home page in order to see other services. It used 5 different navigation menus, and each menu was only visible to one product line of pages. There were also 21 custom side bars with few content differences between them. There was no on page SEO, no anti-spam tools, Google Webmaster Tools was not implemented, the site was not responsive, cache was shut off, and there were 35 broken links. A sample of their previous site is available in the last thumbnail.

The Project Details
I gathered competitor research guerrilla-style and created a PowerPoint report. I showed them visually how their competitors were using their websites to interact with their visitors. This helped to solidify their acceptance of a new navigation and the hiring of a content writer with engineering expertise.

I designed an information structure and means of navigating that was user friendly and met the current business needs of the client. The site plan became solutions-based. Now services and products were accessible on every page. Consolidated all current navigation bars to just one main navigation with drop down menus, and created a new secondary navigation. I created wireframes of 5 main content areas to represent the framework of products, exploring content, navigation and interactions. Created static prototypes during the entire design process, mocking up ideas to elicit feedback.

The site is now responsive. I expanded the client’s portfolio of digital assets, latest events and promotions. I created new visual imagery centered on the 3D product design engineering industry. I created animated banners linking to promotional landing pages. I added a pop-up invitation to sign up to their newsletter. For the Blog and category pages, I added a custom magazine-style archives look. The client’s colors and fonts were integrated into the Wordpress theme design. Additional customization of plugins was done with custom CSS and javascript. The online forms were integrated with SalesForce. And content is kept fresh with frequent marketing campaigns.

I optimized SEO placing Metadata for search engines to index the web pages effectively, including keywords, titles and descriptions. Added a Google sitemap. I corrected broken internal and external links, and placed 301 redirects pointing to the new pages. Added a custom 404 page with links to website pages.

For testing and stakeholders review, I released a closed beta of the site before it became available to the wider public.

I was privileged to work with an outstanding team: Our VP of Marketing lead the charge and handled client communication, Marketing Manager kept us on track, Web Developer focused on security and network issues, an SEO specialist did keyword research, and a writer with a technical background in engineering created new solutions based content.

Software applications used during this project include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and a variety of plugins, including Gravity Forms.

Research, content development, information architecture, visual design and development.
Adaptive Corp, a Dassault Systèmes partner